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    The following things are included in the current maintenance:

    (+ Add | - Delete | * Change/Fix)

    + Mana Drugs

    + VoteShop: Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 85, Proof of Catching a Fisch, Vitality Ginseng

    * Price in VoteShop

    * Raid Curse Penalty

    * Dagger Skills PvP Atk-Range

    Hello daywalker90!

    Currently, it is only possible to completely exchange the stones when it is the Seven Signs reward week.

    Whether we will use this again in another system is still under discussion.

    Dear user,

    from now on you can finally create multiple accounts with one email address.

    Unfortunately it had given me a little longer headache than I had hoped.

    The accounts for the forum are currently unfortunately still external and I think not be married so quickly.

    Also here the activation time of 48 hours remains the same with a separate email.

    Nevertheless, I am still working on expanding and improving the control panel.

    If you have suggestions just let me know

    The following things are included in the current maintenance:

    (+ Add | - Delete | * Change/Fix)

    - Remove Commandchannel from Raidboss

    - remove block aggro if char invul

    + Custom Blacksmiht of Mammon

    * Event Engine fixed (no Freeze )

    * fix auto get holy pomanders- if at event summon do kill, point add to his owner

    * QueenAnt fix errors- check all Pole weapons add miss attack params

    * typo fix for DayNight spawn manager

    * typo fix for personal premium in party

    * tw teleport fix for flag

    * some reworking pailaka

    * rework quest: TheFinestIngredientsPart1 & 2

    • RaidDropRate 6x (The ring droprate remains at x1, but the chance is at 100%)
    • QuestRewardRate 4x
    • Cata and Necro for 3 weeks without registration

    Hello daywalker90!

    Thanks for your message. We will be happy to include it in our improvement requests and decide and the next days.

    Please be patient for a while.

    We have allowed ourselves to change critical things

    (+ Add | - Delete | * Change/Fix)

    + Aggro Info by Mobs

    + Check for Summons Spawn

    + Diff Level to active lethal skills

    * Change Totems Time

    * Correct re-add debuffs

    * Correct Skills for Batur Mobs

    * Fix Skill: Corpse Life Drain

    * Fix Event: If can't attack on event, do not freeze anymore

    * Premium System: Only for Characters

    * Fix Dropinfo by Champions

    * Gloom Transfer to debuff

    * Fix: Problem with double pAtk stats

    * Rework Lakfi System

    * Rework Quests: NoSecrets, ThreatRemoval, DefeatTheElrokianRaiders

    * Check Player Level by Open Chests

    * Zaken: Debuff by Enter Instance

    * 1 IP by Olympiade and Auto Events

    * Champion levels reduced to 4, use all the same title

    * Transform: Scroll of Anakim

    * Auto Events start by 4 registered player

    * Cata/Necros without Champion System

    - Monster Event

    The following things are included in the current maintenance:

    (+ Add | - Delete | * Change)

    * Community Board ( only Buffer in Peace Zone)

    + Shemenbuffer: Counter Critical Buff

    + Counter Critical time +2h

    + PVP Reward

    + Champion System

    * Droprate: Chest Master Key to 10%

    * Aggro Range Dragon Scouts

    * Respawn Time Dragon Valley

    * Event Time after Restart

    * Community Board: Blacksmith exchange Sealed Item

    * Quest GatherTheFlames

    * Quest SuccessFailureOfBusiness

    + Gatekeeper: Underground Coliseum

    * Transform Scroll Anakim

    * Warsmith crafting time

    * Quest TreatRemoval

    * Quest NoSecrets

    * Dual Daggers for Subclass

    * SevenSigns Week

    * FoG Group Range

    * Antharas Lair Group Range

    * HP by RaidBosses

    • Change on Community Board
      • Community Board can no longer be used outside the cities.
      • Reason: To no longer be able to heal continuously during RaidBoss
    • Vitality System has now the normal stats
    • Saving on the character system reduced

    Dear User,

    we have decided that users who transfer an entire clan of 10 members to us will receive a reward.


    • 10 various User (not the same IP)
    • must be present at examination


    • Clan Level +6
    • Clan Skills to Clan Level 6

    We hope we can sweeten it for you to switch to our server.

    Note: All users who are already on the server can also participate in this action!

    Talk to us in the forum or on our Discord Server about this.


    During registration you will be asked if you want to create a forum account.

    The activation of a forum account can take up to 48 hours.

    As soon as this has been done, an e-mail will be sent to you. (eMail Subject: Lost Password)

    Please note that all changes to the game account have no influence on the forum account!